From aeronautics to designer furniture made in France

Behind Boulon Blanc, there is an engineer and a designer, both from the aeronautics industry. Experienced to developing innovative and technical products, we once realized how difficult it was to find a table that is bold, decorative and contemporary for everyday use. We then thought about a range of furniture with a completely new design, combining know-how and innovation. As with watchmaking, we think that engineering serves design.

This is how the adjustable coffee table was created. The first piece in the Boulon Blanc collection! For 2 years, the work was exciting: it is in our garage that we developed the mechanism which allows to raise the coffee table to a dining table. With a cabinetmaker, we then created a prototype. Once the mechanism has been patented, encouraged by our loved ones who believed strongly in our project, we launched a fundraising campaign whose enthusiasm is the most meaningful reward.

Creating lively and lasting furniture is possible.       

High-quality materials, elegant lines and utility are the watchwords of Boulon Blanc furniture design. Wood is a natural choice because it is one of the few living, robust and inimitable materials. It brings a warm touch to the home decoration. Metal is reliable, technical and precisely shaped.

The brand’s emblem is a nod to this material, chosen for the symbolism of the alliance between the nut and the bolt. Boulon Blanc is also an alliance. That of two friends who have become business partners, but also that of wood & metal, aesthetics & engineering, well-being & comfort.

Boulon Blanc means White Nut and Bolt. But why white ?


For the elegance of our furniture collection For the simplicity of the mechanisms and the purity of the lines For timelessness: our furniture lasts over time because it is made from noble raw materials.

This is part of our commitment to quality, but also to the environment.

Our collection
of living

Boulon Blanc and the Kickstarter adventure


After presenting our table in exhibitions and winning a Design Award, we launched a participative fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter platform in 2016. More than 300 contributors from 26 countries believed in our project! Thanks to them, we were able to produce our first series of tables and stools the following year. An extraordinary journey and the beginning of a faithful community that we are very grateful to.

Thinking, producing and shipping in French is also possible       

To build our first table, we decided not to look for the easy solution, but to apply our values in our work. We want to produce in a fair and transparent way, give prominence to local know-how and reduce our environmental footprint.

French forests cover 17 million hectares and are mostly sustainably managed. French wood is of exceptional quality, and the ancestral techniques of woodworking and metal turning are recognized worldwide!

It therefore made sense for us to create a product 100% made in France.

After choosing a top-of-the-range raw wood from the Burgundy forests, and (re)discovering the essential savoir-faire of the craftsmen of the world capital of bar turning (a metal machining technique), we processed to the assembling and finishing of our tables in our workshop in Paris, in order to control their quality.

Because Boulon Blanc furniture are unique pieces assembled by hand! Each of our tables has an exclusive serial number, guaranteeing its originality.

Our journey towards all these competences has been very enriching and these exchanges confirmed our approach: our quest for meaning requires skills that are geographically close to us, for flawless quality and more responsible consumption.

Precision, attention to details, reducing our carbon footprint and being able to physically meet the craftsmen involved in our furniture are real commitments for us!

Boulon Blanc embarks on online sales       

We are keen to offer our products at the right price. We chose to open an online store, limiting the number of resellers to keep only those who, like us, promote the French manufacturing and help develop emerging brands. To meet our customers, we regularly organize pop-up sales and events. On the e-shop and on social networks, we are very attentive to the feedback of our community members and wish to stay as close as possible to their expectations. When they place order on our site, they only have to wait 12 weeks to receive their products at home assembled, adjusted, tested and ready to use.

After the adjustable coffee table, The Boulon Blanc collection of lively furniture has grown with a designer stool. And we are not done getting things moving yet!

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