Discover our story

BOULON BLANC is born from the meeting of design and technique. Bold, our furniture enhances your interior without any compromise between aesthetics and functionality. The love of wood, new ideas and the desire to challange the norms. Because you deserve the best, do not settle for a mere piece of furniture. To offer a Boulon Blanc furniture is to make an encounter, adopt a lifestyle and travel home. Be beautiful from the inside.


Everything started with a design, a texture, long hours of focus, and the desire to create differently… Boulon Blanc furniture is inspired by several worlds: architecture, aeronautics, watchmaking, or more simply nature. Our products are born of a subtle marriage between technique and freedom of the imagination

Made in France

Imagined in Paris, our creations are made by the best workshops in France. The control of short channels allows us to guarantee the quality of our products. We are committed to selecting the most noble materials, and to intelligently combine wood and metal to make it a unique achievement. Aware of environmental issues, Boulon Blanc is committed to manufacturing its furniture only from wood from eco-managed French forests.


The bolt is at the heart of our first creation. This emblematic assembly linking several pieces together is composed of two elements: a screw and a nut. The bolt symbolizes our link between aesthetics and engineering, white elegance and simplicity. This is our signature. Our collections are manufactured in limited edition. Each creation has its unique identification number.

Our expertise

Because Boulon Blanc’s unique approach, our mechanical systems are patented. A rigorous design, a precise execution. Created by passionate engineers, our products are designed to last and accompany you in every moment of your everyday life.

You are at the heart of our concerns

Imagining our creations in your home is an honor. We are happy to live our dream with you! Share with us your interiors, your moods, your everyday life. Feel free to send us your comments to contact@boulonblanc.com. Boulon Blanc evolves with you, we are eager to read your feedback.